Complete Powder Coat and Anodized Aluminum Extrusion Finishing Services

Star Extruded Shapes offers complete Powder Coat and Anodized finishing services to give our products optimum corrosion resistance.

We use RoHS-compliant powder coatings and treatments to coat pieces up to 30 feet in length. Our finishes are available in a wide range of colors that are verified with an X-Rite SP62V Spectrophotometer, ensuring accurate match to your specifications from batch to batch. Our system uses a dry-in-place, non-chrome sealer pretreatment for corrosion resistance, and a combination of infrared and convection ovens for a faster cure of the powder.

We also offer Class 1, 2, and 3 anodized coatings for parts 0.5 inch to 342 inches in length.

Our powder coat capabilities include

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Powder Coat line product maximum size 30’ long x 6’ high
  • RoHS-compliant coatings and treatments
  • Bulk chemical system
  • Dry-in-place non-chrome sealer pretreatment
  • Combination infrared and convection oven for faster cure of powder
  • Offline racking for processing of small parts
  • Color verification with an X-Rite SP62V Spectrophotometer
  • 12 GPM reverse osmosis water system for final rinse
  • 8 automatic and 2 hand-spray units
  • Batch booth for fast processing of customer samples
  • In-house rack-making capability
  • Multi-stage pretreatment
  • E-coat, silk screen, parts printing
  • Dry film lubricants

Our anodizing process includes

  • Standard
    • Satin clear
    • Special colors available
  • Two-step
    • Black
    • Bronze
  • Bright Dip
    • Clear
    • Special colors available
  • Hardcoat
    • Clear
    • Black