Aluminum Extrusion Services

Our wide range of aluminum extrusion capabilities allows us to serve a diverse customer base. We specialize in standard and custom profiles that meet your exact needs:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • 6000-series aluminum alloys
  • Multiple direct aluminum extrusion presses
  • Weight/Foot range of 0.033 to 10 lbs. per foot
  • Circle size up to 9 inches

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Custom Aluminum Fabrication

We deliver value-added aluminum fabrication services with capabilities that are limited only by your imagination. We serve a wide range of industries with conventional fab to custom machining:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • Horizontal and Vertical machine centers
  • Conventional fab punch presses
  • 18-inch to 16-foot bed punch presses with 20 to 100 ton capacities
  • Precision, square-cut, and miter saws
  • Vibro deburr and unlimited length deburr
  • Laser cutting and metal forming

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Aluminum Finishing

We offer powder coat and anodized finishes that provide optimum corrosion resistance in a wide variety of colors:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • Powder Coat line product size 30’ long x 72” high
  • RoHS-compliant coatings and treatments
  • Bulk chemical system with dry in place, non-chrome sealer
  • Combination infrared and convection oven for faster cure of powder
  • Batch booth for faster processing
  • Standard, two-step, Hardcoat, and Double Etch anodizing

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Complete Assembly

Complete turnkey process and production from design to finish. We have the capacity to do assemblies for all order sizes. We can even ship the final product to your customers…you won’t ever have to touch it:

  • Global purchasing for components
  • Inventory control system in place
  • Engineering and inside sales support
  • Dozens of assembly cells
  • Rivet, screw, hand, and hydraulic assembly stations
  • Special packing to meet your needs

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Packaging & Shipping

We use a wide variety of standard and custom packaging to ship your order any way you want, from bare bundle to totally enclosed, secure crates:

  • Hundreds of packaging specs
  • No volume is too large or small
  • Shipments delivered on time, every time
  • Ship to you or your customer
  • Quality protective packaging eliminates product damage

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