Why Star for Your Finishing Services

At Star, we have over 20 years of powder coat experience, Utilizing RoHS-compliant powder coatings and treatments, verified with a Spectrophotometer, our horizontal powder line has the ability to powder coat parts up to 30ft in length. Our system uses a dry-in-place, non-chrome sealer pretreatment for corrosion resistance, and a combination of infrared and convection ovens for a faster cure of the powder. Whether you are looking for functional or aesthetic requirements, from stock to custom powders, we can help you find the right powder with the right specs for your application.

Powder Coating Services for Aluminum Extrusion

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Powder Coating Line product maximum size 30’ long and 6’ high
  • RoHS-compliant coatings and treatments
  • Bulk chemical system
  • Dry-in-place non-chrome sealer pre-treatment
  • Combination infrared and convection oven for faster cure of powder
  • Offline racking for processing of small parts
  • Color verification
  • 12 GPM reverse osmosis water system for final rinse
  • 12 automatic and 2 hand-spray units
  • Batch booth for fast processing of customer samples
  • In-house rack-making capability
  • Multi-stage pre-treatment
  • E-coat, silk screen and parts printing
  • Dry film lubricants

How the Powder Coating Process Works

Powder coating is a type of dry coating that is applied by spraying electrostatically charged paint in powder form onto an extrusion. Unlike liquid paint, powder coating does not require a solvent and is much more durable. Once the powder is applied to the application, it is then baked in our oven where the particles are melted into a liquid state, fusing together to form a film, without causing run or sag.

Aluminum Extrusion Pre-Treatment

To make certain the longevity of the aluminum extrusion, the surface is pre-treated with chemical and mechanical cleaning solutions to remove dust, grease and any other foreign particles. This establishes the extruded part is sanitized for proper adhesion and to prevent flaking.

Application of Powder Coating

Powder, comprising of colored pigment and resin, is applied to the extrusion with an electrostatic spray gun. This positive charge makes the powder bond with an electrically-grounded extrusion. Other methods of powder coating include electrostatic magnetic brush, electrostatic discs and fluidized bed.

Curing and Cooling of Extrusion Products

Extrusions are then baked in a large curing oven for a set duration and set temperature, causing the powder to melt uniformly and forming a hard coating when cooled. After the material has cooled to the appropriate temperature, the end result is a smooth, hardened coating.

Powder Coating Finish

“Which type of finishing do I need for my aluminum extrusion?”

At Star Extruded Shapes, Inc., we understand different finishing options and their impact on your product’s surface. Our powder coat and anodized finishing are comprehensive and precise, with powder coating and wet paint available. Know with confidence aluminum extruded components receive the best finishing solution to satisfy industry requirements while exceeding your expectations.


Anodizing is one of the most common and durable chemical finishes, adding a layer of protection to an extruded component and enhancing its durability and final look. Not only does the anodize help protect the aluminum, it increases corrosion and abrasion resistance as well. From standard satin clear to hard coat and Two-Step Electrolytic (UV Stable), we offer a wide variety of specs for many anodized extrusion applications.

Anodizing Types:

  • Standard
    • Satin Clear
    • Special Colors Available
  • Two-Step
    • Black
    • Bronze
  • Double Etch
  • Hardcoat
    • Clear
    • Black

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