Star Extruded Shapes offers customers the ability to customize your aluminum solar racking system to your specifications and is a one stop shop from concept/design to production to finishing and to final delivery.

With solar power technology advancements, many people & companies are choosing to install solar panel racking systems at home or at their businesses. Solar racking is an ever-growing market, and in many states is heavily incentivized toward the consumer, as an attraction for implementation. Whether you are looking to do a rooftop install, or suspended above the ground, solar panels are everywhere. However, no matter where they are, they rarely sit flush with the surface. They are typically fixed to solar panel racks.

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The New Building is Finished & Press is Fully Operational

The new line is fully automated & allows for the extrusions to go through all of the processes (extrusion, stretching, cutting & heat treatments) without being touched until the material is packed. This ensures less potential for human error & allow us to run more efficiently. The press also has inline packing stations, to immediately pack materials once they exit the press. Furthermore, the new buildings additional square footage will provide warehouse space for potential stocking programs, in the near future.

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Star Extruded Shapes Inc. is Proud to Announce a New Building & 4th Press are Coming this Fall 2022!

Star Extruded Shapes
New Building being built to house our 4th press.
With demand on the rise, we have chosen to invest in a new press, to allow us to best provide for you and your needs. This will allow us to provide faster turn arounds, up our quantity capabilities & allow us to better meet demands.
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