New Building & Press Update

We Want to Keep You Up to Date Our new building is 105,000 sq ft, being built to house our new 9” fully automated press.

New Building & Press Coming Fall 2022

Star Extruded Shapes Inc. is Proud to Announce a New Building & 4th Press are Coming this Fall 2022! With demand on the rise, we have chosen to invest in a new press, to allow us to best provide for you and your needs. This will allow us to provide faster turn arounds, up our… Continue reading

Aluminum Extrusion, Finishing, and Fabrication Frequently Asked Questions

What aluminum extrusion finishes do we offer? What inspection methods and standards do we follow to ensure the quality of your aluminum extrusion designs? These questions and more about aluminum extrusion, finishing, and fabrication answered below.

Custom & Standard Aluminum Extrusion Profiles

We Are Your Premier Aluminum Extrusion Provider You have a vision -- we have the solution. At Star Extruded Shapes, Inc., our team has the knowledge, experience and tools to produce all types of extrusions with turnkey capabilities to finish and assemble your extruded aluminum components. Aluminum Extrusion Shapes & Profiles Aluminum extrusions are used… Continue reading

Drawn vs. Extruded Aluminum: Main Differences and Applications

Aluminum is an extraordinarily versatile material. This measure of functionality would not be feasible without the presence of different production styles. When it comes to aluminum shaping, there are two popular methods: drawn and extruded. Both processes involve using a die or mold, and follow identical production guidelines: aluminum is shaped into a billet and… Continue reading

What Can 4-Axis CNC Machining Do for Your Business?

What do aerospace, healthcare, oil and gas, military and defense and industrial manufacturers all have in common? The designers, the engineers and the builders of these industries entrust CNC (computer numerical control) precision machining to make dreams and visions – real and robust solutions, vital to business operations and moving the industry forward. Manufacturing has… Continue reading